LITMUS^RT: Linux Testbed for Multiprocessor Scheduling in Real-Time Systems


The LITMUSRT project is an open source project based on Linux. It was initially launched in 2006 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). It is maintained primarily by Björn Brandenburg with some help from the real-time groups at MPI-SWS and UNC.

When referencing LITMUSRT, please cite two publications:

  1. The original LITMUSRT paper: J. Calandrino, H. Leontyev, A. Block, U. Devi, and J. Anderson, “LITMUSRT: A Testbed for Empirically Comparing Real-Time Multiprocessor Schedulers”, Proceedings of the 27th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium, pp. 111–123, December 2006.

  2. The description of the current version: B. Brandenburg, “Scheduling and Locking in Multiprocessor Real-Time Operating Systems”, PhD thesis, UNC Chapel Hill, 2011.

While [1] is the first publication on LITMUSRT, the first public release of LITMUSRT was actually based on a reimplementation in 2007. All versions since 2007 are best described by the detailed description in [2].


Many researchers have helped with improving LITMUSRT over the years. Come join us!

Current contributors:

Inactive contributors:

Past contributors:

The LITMUSRT logo was designed by Jasper McChesney of Break for Sense Design.


The LITMUSRT development effort has been supported by grants from AT&T, IBM, Sun, and Northrop Grumman Corps.; the National Science Foundation (grants CNS 0834270, CNS 0834132, CNS 1016954, CNS 1115284, CNS 1218693, and CNS 1239135); the U.S. Army Research Office (grant W911NF-09–1–0535); the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (grant FA 9550–09–1–0549); and the Air Force Research Laboratory (grant FA8750–11–1–0033). We gratefully acknowledge the continued support.

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