LITMUS^RT: Linux Testbed for Multiprocessor Scheduling in Real-Time Systems

Getting the Latest LITMUSRT Release

The source code of the LITMUSRT project is hosted on GitHub.

The three main repositories provide

Contents and Main Branches

The LITMUSRT kernel repository contains the LITMUSRT patches on top of the Linux kernel. The current main branch is linux-4.9-litmus and, as the name suggests, is based on Linux 4.9.

The liblitmus repository contains both a user-space library for static linking and essential standalone tools needed to configure a LITMUSRT system. The master branch is the main branch representing the latest version.

The tracing tools repository contains helper tools and scripts for both overhead and schedule tracing in LITMUSRT. The main branch is the master branch.

To obtain the latest LITMUSRT version, simply clone each of the three repositories.

git clone

git clone

git clone

Please refer to the installation instructions for additional details.

Obtaining a Specific Release

First, whenever possible, please use the latest version, as represented by the tips of the linux-4.9-litmus branch in the kernel repository and the master branches in the other repositories.

The main branches are slow-moving and we do our best to keep them stable. There is hence usually no good reason to pick an older release and to forgo the latest improvements and fixes in the main branches.

That said, to obtain a specific release, simply checkout the release with the corresponding tag. For example, to check out the 2017.1 release, run the following command in each of the cloned repositories.

git checkout 2017.1

Alternatively, one may download an archive corresponding for any release from GitHub:

Release History


Based on Linux 4.9.30. Released in May 2017.

Major changes (sine LITMUSRT 2016.1):

Older releases consisted of our Linux kernel modifications in the form of a patch against mainline Linux and liblitmus, the user-space API for real-time tasks, as well as ft_tools, a collection of tools used for tracing with Feather-Trace (which is part of the LITMUSRT patch). The following downloads are only of historic interest.

LITMUS^RT Version 2016.1

Based on Linux 4.1.3. Released in June 2016.


Major changes (since LITMUS^RT 2015.1):

LITMUS^RT Version 2015.1

Based on Linux 4.1.3. Released in August 2015.


Major changes (since LITMUS^RT 2014.2):

LITMUS^RT Version 2014.2

Based on Linux 3.10.41. Released in June 2014.


Major changes (since LITMUS^RT 2014.1):

LITMUS^RT Version 2014.1

Based on Linux 3.10.5. Released in April 2014.


Major changes (since LITMUS^RT 2013.1):

LITMUS^RT Version 2013.1

Based on Linux 3.10.5. Released in August 2013.


Major changes (since LITMUS^RT 2012.3):

LITMUS^RT Version 2012.3

Based on Linux 3.0. Released in December 2012.


Major changes (since LITMUS^RT 2012.2):

LITMUS^RT Version 2012.2

Based on Linux 3.0. Released in August 2012.


Major changes (since LITMUS^RT 2012.1):

LITMUS^RT Version 2012.1

Based on Linux 3.0. Released in January 2012.


Major changes (since LITMUS^RT 2011.1):

LITMUS^RT Version 2011.1

Based on Linux 2.6.36. Released in January 2011.


Major changes (since LITMUS^RT 2010.2):

Older releases of LITMUSRT are available at UNC's old LITMUSRT webpage:

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